Mammograms Go 3-D- Video News Release

Monday, February 3rd 2014

 3-D is all the rage these days--in movies and video games. Now, an important health screening for women is going 3-D too. Breast health experts at OU Medicine say 3-D mammography is finding tumors that might otherwise be missed.  And, it may prevent false positives too.

OU Medicine Live Chat: Mysterious Migraines

Mysterious Migraines

Friday, February 7th at 10a.m.

 According to the World Health Organization, there are 300 million people globally who suffer from migraines, making migraine the most common neurological disorder in the developed world. Migraine is more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined.

Skydiving Trauma Accident

Date: January 28, 2014                    

Oklahoma City— Family members of a teenage girl who suffered injuries in an Oklahoma parachuting accident will answer media questions during a news briefing at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

OU Medicine Live Chat: Oh, My Aching Back!


Friday, January 31st at 10AM

Did you know back pain is one of the most common health complaints in this country?  That eight in 10 people will be affected by back pain at some point in their life? And that back pain is more prevalent in women?

OU Medicine Live Chat: Love Your Liver

Love Your Liver

Friday, January 24th at 10AM

The liver is located in the upper right-hand portion of the abdominal cavity, beneath the diaphragm, and on top of the stomach, right kidney, and intestines.

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